VXRL Services

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Vulnerability Assessment

Automatic Scanning can detect network and website vulnerabilities in a short period of time. Our team will analyze the results and provide professional recommendations to remediate the issues.

Penetration Test

Our penetration test includes the following services:

  • Web Application Penetration Test
  • Mobile Application Penetration Test
  • Network Penetration Test
  • Our team conducts the penetration test with hacker’s mindset and techniques to attack enterprise’s network, websites and mobile applications. Automatic scanning can only detect existing vulnerabilities, it often misses out some detection or report false alarm, therefore replying on an experienced team to test the target with various techniques is essential to ensure the safety of the application. The team will provide professional recommendations to mitigate the issues.

    Red Team Testing

    Conduct simulated attack to the Enterprise, performing attacks from various surfaces within the limited time slot. The test flow follows MITRE ATT&CK™ framework and customized to the enterprise.

    Red team testing simulates real attacks from various attack surfaces. The test evaluate the defense mechanisms of different layers in the Enterprise. Our team will provide professional recommendations and advice to improve the Enterprise security.

    Incident Response

    Our team helps to analyze packets, logs, events logs, to give recommendations to improve Enterprise’s incident response skills and prevent such incident in the future.

    Our team has handled several ransomware cases, helping clients to investigate the incident, provide recommendations for preventing attacks in the future.

    Cloud SOC

    Our team has deployed a Cloud Security Operation Center, helping clients to collect logs from different servers, analyzing and detect if any possible attacks, provide alerts for further actions. Our incident response team will follow up and provide corresponding recommendations to handle the case.

    Corporate Training

    Security Awareness Training

  • Privacy Protection
  • Phishing Attack Awareness
  • Mobile Security Safety
  • Social Engineering Attack and Defense
  • Information Security Staff Training

  • Incident Response
  • Red Team Blue Team Training
  • Development Team Security Training

  • Secure Coding
  • Special Interest Group

  • Hardware, IoT, Smarthome Hacking
  • Consultancy Services

  • Information Security Product Evaluation
  • System Security Review
  • Screening Cybersecurity Candidates
  • Our team provides professional advice on information security areas, to help Enterprise to know what they need and solve potential security issues.